Counter Terrorism Training & intelligence

local communities for national security.

What We do

Detecting lone wolf  terrorists

The goal of U.S. Special Response is to provide training to the community, Security professionals and other government personal on preventing lone wolf terrorists from taking action. We give a short background and the challenge of finding and identifying such individuals before it is too late. Then we train our community to identify the motives, capabilities, and opportunities of a person in becoming a lone wolf terrorist and how to stop them.  


02. How to Survive a Chemical or Biological Attack

The complex, important, and often scary matter is our focus since inception. Biological and Chemical weapons may be the most devastating and uncontrollable weapons ever rendered by man. Biological weapons are any man made weapon caused to disperse viruses, bacteria, or toxins derived from living organisms to cause death or disease within humans. However, this does not mean that a bio-chemical attack is un-survivable, with proper knowledge and readiness it can very well be a crisis that one can overcome. Our nonprofit organization trains school age children (10 and older), community centers, government agencies, law enforcement officers and other security personal on how to detect, respond and treat such attack in the USA

03. Cyber Security & Terrorism prevention activities

The goal of U.S. Special Response is to provide support tools and methods that help law enforcement officers in ongoing investigations of web extremism. Our non profit organization provides Intelligence & Cyber Security reports each quarter to law enforcement and government agencies nationwide. 

About Us

U.S. Special Response provides training to the general public, security professionals, and military government personnel in the field of terrorism, anti-terrorism, and counterterrorism. Our organization employs veterans from the IDF & United States air force, Military Police and veterans of law enforcement agencies all united with one mission: to train our community & provide our first responders with the intelligence and information they need to defend our community and keep it safe. We thank you for your support of our mission. Our mission started back in 2013 when our founder ,acted as an intelligence officer for specific missions in the USA and aboard.

About us

Our Mission

U.S. Special Response