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U.S. Special Response, believe that providing training along with compassion, providing hope and change for young lives.

One of the major problems when it comes to detecting possible lone wolf terrorists is that there is no consistent or typical profile of a lone wolf. Moreover, the lone wolves are hard to capture using traditional intelligence methods since there are no physical groups to infiltrate or wiretap. However, there are many concrete actions and activities (that are not necessarily illegal) taken by an individual that can be treated as weak signals and that combined may indicate an interest in terrorism acts. Recognizing and analyzing digital traces from online activities of possible lone wolf terrorists is one key to the difficult problem of detecting lone wolf terrorists before they strike.

Harvesting and analysis of weak signals for detecting lone wolf terrorists and identifying digital traces of such person is what we do. Our goal is to do research on support tools and methods that help law enforcement officers in ongoing investigations of web extremism.

Then quarterly our intelligence analyst provide an intelligence reports, free of charge to law enforcement & government agencies